Call Center Ordering

Call Center Ordering

Revolutionize Your Call Center with SensePass Pay-by-Link

Transform your call center’s order-taking process with SensePass, the cutting-edge solution that streamlines payments, minimizes errors, and empowers customers with secure 
pay-by-link transactions directly from their phones. Experience the future of convenience, choice, and enhanced data privacy while enjoying significant time savings and 
improved efficiency.

Unparalleled Convenience and Choice

With SensePass Pay-by-Link, you can:

Eliminate Manual Payment Steps

Send secure payment links for every order, allowing customers to pay instantly using their preferred method.

Support 100+ Payment Options

From popular wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options to cryptocurrency, SensePass has you—and your customers—covered.

Simplify the Customer Experience

No app downloads are required—customers pay directly from their existing wallets, streamlining the process.

Optimize for Mobile

Our intuitive, mobile-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for all customers.

Industry-grade  Data Privacy and Security

At SensePass, we prioritize data privacy and security. Unlike traditional methods, SensePass never stores or transmits sensitive payment details. Customers have complete control over their information.

Our solution adheres to the highest industry standards and regulations, ensuring safe and compliant transactions every time.

Make Your Call Center A Revenue Center

SensePass delivers tangible benefits for your call center:

Slash Errors by 90%

Our payment links include all order data, including promotional codes and messaging, dramatically reducing errors and saving time.

Save 3.5 Minutes per Order

Faster payment processing frees up your agents for more complex customer interactions.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Provide a modern, convenient experience that fosters loyalty and trust.

Gain Valuable Insights

Leverage data on payment preferences and trends to inform your marketing and sales strategies.

Ditch the Paper

Save the Planet: Paperless invoicing is the eco-conscious way to keep your business flowing and our forests growing.

Make things easier for customers with convenient tools

Saved Payment Links

Customers can save payment links for up to 30 days, encouraging repeat business.

Back-in-Stock Notifications

Customers can see when out-of-stock items are available and complete their purchase with a saved payment link.

Embrace the Future of Call Center Payments

Contact SensePass today to learn how our innovative pay-by-link solution can revolutionize your call center, boost efficiency, and delight your customers.

Unlock your e-commerce potential with SensePass.
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