Offering Venmo as a payment method caters to the growing number of users who prefer digital transactions. With over 83 million Venmo users in the United States, adding Venmo to your payment options can attract more customers and meet their preferences. Venmo is predominantly used by people aged 25 to 34, with over half of its active users falling within this age group. This demographic is particularly inclined toward using mobile payment options, making Venmo a valuable addition to your payment methods​.

Reach a Massive Customer Base with Venmo

Venmo boasts over 80 million users, nearly double the number of American Express cardholders in the US. This translates to a vast potential customer pool for your business.

Cost-Effective Venmo Integration with Sensepass

Sensepass offers a unique integration with Venmo that categorizes transactions as “card present,” potentially saving you significant processing fees compared to other solutions.

Competitive Rates

Our competitive fee structure stands out. We charge a flat rate of 2.29% plus $0.10 per transaction for Venmo payments processed through Sensepass’ orchestration layer, which is often more affordable than using traditional payment terminals.

Pioneering In-Store Venmo Transactions

Sensepass is a frontrunner in processing Venmo transactions as in-store, “card present” payments. This can unlock further benefits and potentially lower fees for your business.

Enhanced Security with Venmo Merchant Protection

Venmo offers a Merchant Protection Program that provides additional security for businesses. This program helps safeguard against fraudulent transactions and chargebacks in several ways:

  • Verification Process: Venmo verifies the legitimacy of users before they can conduct transactions, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activity.
  • Buyer Authentication: Customers undergo an authentication process when making purchases using Venmo, ensuring only authorized users can make payments.
  • Dispute Resolution: Should a dispute arise, Venmo offers a resolution process to investigate the matter and determine a fair outcome for both you and the customer.

Compared to traditional credit cards, Venmo’s Merchant Protection Program can potentially streamline the dispute resolution process and offer faster reimbursements in cases of fraudulent transactions.

Faster Checkout Process

Venmo transactions are quick and straightforward, reducing the time customers spend at checkout. This efficiency can enhance the overall shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction. Venmo’s instant payment features ensure that both customers and businesses benefit from faster transaction processing, which can help reduce long lines and improve customer throughput​.

Venmo Payment Terminal

If you’re searching for a dedicated Venmo payment terminal, there’s a better option! Consider integrating SensePass’s self-powered payment terminals. These terminals make paying with Venmo as easy as tapping your phone. This all-in-one solution goes beyond Venmo, accepting a variety of digital wallets including Paypal, AmazonPay, Bitcoin, and all the popular Buy Now, Pay Later options like Klarna, Sezzle, Zip, Splitit, Affirm, and Afterpay. It’s a great solution because it offers Venmo alongside many other digital wallets in a single POS system.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Offering Venmo can help build customer loyalty by providing a convenient and preferred payment option. The ease of use and security features of Venmo can encourage repeat business. Customers appreciate the convenience of Venmo, which can lead to increased loyalty and higher retention rates​​.

How to Accept Venmo in Your Store

To accept Venmo in your store, you can use solutions like SensePass, which integrates various digital wallets into your payment system. SensePass makes it easy to add Venmo to your accepted payment methods, allowing you to offer a comprehensive range of digital payment options to your customers. Implementing Venmo can be straightforward, especially if you leverage existing platforms like PayPal, ensuring a smooth transition for your business​.


Integrating Venmo into your retail store’s payment options can offer numerous benefits, from increased sales and faster checkout processes to enhanced security and improved customer experience. By adopting Venmo, you can cater to the preferences of a growing number of digital-savvy customers, ensuring your business remains competitive and customer-focused in the evolving retail landscape.


How does Venmo work for in-store payments? Venmo allows customers to pay using their mobile app by scanning a QR code or selecting Venmo as a payment method on the point-of-sale system.

Are there any fees for businesses accepting Venmo? Businesses may incur transaction fees similar to those charged by credit card processors, but customers are not charged additional fees for using Venmo.

Is Venmo secure for business transactions? Yes, Venmo uses advanced encryption and security measures to protect transactions, and it benefits from PayPal’s extensive experience in payment security.

Can I integrate Venmo with my existing POS system? Yes, many POS systems that support PayPal can also integrate Venmo. Solutions like SensePass can help streamline this process.

Do customers need a Venmo account to pay? Yes, customers need to have a Venmo account to use it for payments. They can link their bank account or card to their Venmo account for transactions.

What are the benefits of offering Venmo in my store? Offering Venmo can attract younger customers, speed up checkout times, enhance security, and provide marketing opportunities through Venmo’s social features.